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The monumental, fragmentary remains of ancient Egypt have fascinated me for over thirty years. These traces of the past refer to history, sacred spaces and icons, and the deep mystery of civilizations that have gone before us. There is so much that we do not know about our predecessors. But certainly there is an undeniable link between the distant past and today. Whether we consider the way life was lived 5000 years ago or last week, there has always been a profound courageousness about walking on the surface of this planet.

Author Terry Tempest Williams wrote the following in her 1991 book •Refuge•:

“Artifacts are alive. Each has a voice. They remind us what it means to be human, that it is our nature to survive, to create works of beauty, to be resourceful, to be attentive to the world we live in...they court the mysteries of private lives, communal lives, and lives rooted in ritual and ceremony.”

That is the heart and soul of this body of work.